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2,500 Men Seeking Compensation for Testosterone Therapy Injuries

lawsuit_137326892Plaintiffs Claim That AndroGel Caused Heart Attack and Stroke

Over the last ten years, millions of men were prescribed drugs like AndroGel and Axiron in order to combat the normal drop in testosterone caused by aging. For many, testosterone replacement therapy was a miracle. Testosterone drugs relieved age-related symptoms such as weight gain, decreased energy, low libido, and loss of muscle tone. However, the drug wasn’t really the miracle it was advertised to me.

In 2014, research showed that men who underwent testosterone replacement therapy had a significantly greater risk of stroke, heart attacks and blood clots then men who did not use the drugs. As a result, medication labels were revised and doctors were told to stop prescribing testosterone therapy for age related symptoms.

The FDA’s new policy will save lives, but what about the tens of thousands of men who have already suffered heart attacks and strokes while taking the drugs?

Men Fight Back: MDL 2545

MDL 2545 (In Re: Testosterone Replacement Therapy Products Liability Litigation) is a multidistrict litigation case sitting before US District Judge Matthew Kennelly in the United States District Court’s Northern District of Illinois.

Multidistrict litigation or MDL is a process that is designed to speed up the court process when a large number of people file similar cases. An MDL allows evidence from one case to be used for other cases. Plaintiffs can pool resources, but each plaintiff receives a unique verdict.

The testosterone cases were consolidated into an MDL in June 2014. At that time, 45 men had filed lawsuits against AbbVie, Inc. and Abbott Laboratories Inc., makers of AndroGel. Now there are more than 2,400 lawsuits in the MDL. Each lawsuit was filed by a man who claims he suffered serious cardiovascular side effects after testosterone therapy.

The men who are filing the lawsuits were prescribed testosterone therapy by their doctors, but they claim that they weren’t warned of the dangers of the drugs, including an increased risk of stroke and heart attack. They weren’t told that testosterone therapy had not been approved for age-related testosterone decline and they weren’t told that there are safer treatment options.

Is MDL 2545 Right for YOU?

The drug companies have made $2 billion a year marketing a dangerous drug for a condition which was not approved for treatment by the FDA. Now, the men who were prescribed the drugs want accountability.

If you were prescribed Androgel, Axiron, Testim or another testosterone drug for Low-T, please contact the Drug Safety Lawyers. We’ll evaluate your claim and inform you of your rights. There is no charge for the consultation.


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