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It wasn’t that long ago that you were young and strong and full of energy. But, time took its toll. You started feeling tired. You lost muscle mass and strength. You started to gain weight and lose hair. You saw a commercial for AndroGel, and you talked to your doctor.

Your doctor performed a blood test and diagnosed you with low T. He prescribed AndroGel. You started to feel better. You were exercising, gaining muscle, and losing weight. Then you had a heart attack.

Recent studies have found that men who use testosterone replacement therapies like AndroGel have a 50 percent higher risk of heart attack and stroke than men with untreated low testosterone. The FDA is currently evaluating these studies. In the meantime, these products remain on the market and the lives of millions of men are being put at risk.

You took AndroGel to improve your health, instead your life was put at risk by a drug company that cares only about its profits. You deserve accountability. Our Drug safety Legal Team is currently accepting cases for a potential class action lawsuit against AbbVie, Inc., the maker of AndroGel. Want justice? Call (888) 808-1340 to schedule your free case evaluation


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